Online Condenser Cleaning System

THE WHIRLER™ is a fully automated online condenser tube cleaning system. It ensures completely clean condenser tubes which results in excellent improvement in plant efficiency and reduction in power consumption.

THE WHIRLER™ is a closed recirculating loop in which sponge cleaning balls are injected into the cooling water inlet line. The balls carried along with water flow and passes through the tubes to clean the inner tube surface. The cleaning balls are then collected at cooling water outlet line. These collected balls are again recovered in the system and the cycle repeats.

Why ?

Fouling and scale formation increases energy consumption and ultimately cause system shutdown. Effective water treatment can minimize the possibility of high head pressure and excessive energy consumption caused by condenser deposition.

Fouled condenser tubes are common cause of high head pressures. Fouling increases the resistance of heat transfer from the cooling water to refrigerant. In order to maintain the same heat transfer rate, the temperature of the refrigerant must be increased. The compressor fulfils this need by increasing the pressure at which refrigerant is condensed. With a centrifugal chiller 1°F increase in a condensing temperature increases compressor energy consumption by approximately 1.7%.

Salient Features
  • Patent filed for its unique design
  • No high pressure pump required for operation. Uses system pressure for ball injection and recovery.
  • Fully automated system with no manual intervention.
  • Own ball arrester design which requires less modifications in the existing system.
  • Zero ball loss system
  • Zero water loss system
  • Mero pressure drop in the ball arrester.
  • Small footprint
  • Single system can be utilised for multiple applications.
  • Eliminates condenser de-scaling completely.
  • Maintains condenser approach.
  • Improves plant efficiency.
  • Reduces plant power consumption up to 25%.
  • Increases productivity up to 10% in process condensers.
  • Increases life of tubes due to reduction in the de-scaling frequency.
  • Return on investment within one year.
  • HAVC
  • Chiller Condensers
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Power Plant Condensers
  • Process Condensers
  • Process Refineries