Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Cooling Tower Water Treatment

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Combination of Energy saver system and Water treatment chemicals effectively reduces scaling, algae related problems, bio film formation, micro-organism growth, corrosion and suspended solids related problems occurs in cooling tower, heat exchangers and condensers etc.

This innovative treatment program always gives best results in comparison with any other conventional chemical water treatment or completely non-chemical water treatment.

Combination works better!


On Rent
For scaling prevention.
Eliminate existing hard scale from system.
Copper Ion generator

On Rent
To eliminate algae & bacteria.
Extract scale from the system.
Cooling Tower Chemical Treatment

Complete chemical treatment program with best matched option.

Real time monitoring system for important water quality parameters.

To clean condenser all the time.
  • Reduce Scale formation, Algae Formation & Slime Formation.
  • Increase in co-efficient of heat transfer.
  • Improve life of equipment. Reduced frequent cleaning will improve the Condenser tubes life.
  • Improves life of Cooling tower Fills substantially.
  • Reduces maintenance & down time.
  • Reduces total chemical consumption.